What We Offer

Joining Killmex Pro means getting access to a host of information and value that aids traders in achieving their main goals – Being profitable, learn and always seek for improvement. The group is ran by three professional traders who dedicate their time for a near 24/7 market coverage and consistent results. Experienced by members as the true all-in-one platform for crypto trading.


Applying years of knowledge and training to the market on a day-to-day basis, varying from price action concepts to advanced data analysis and more. Everything worked out and explained in a way that is easy to comprehend, meant for you to develop your edge.

Killmex Academy

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Expand your foundation with our educational library including fully worked out video-material, data analysis, market dynamics, infographics and more.

Killmex Team

Execute, Profit.

Killmex started off as a select private trading group where several experienced traders shared ideas, trade setups and discussed the market. After doing this behind closed doors for over a year and getting a lot of joining requests by fellow traders, we decided to share our insights with the public on Telegram.

This public channel exceeded all of our expectations and motivated us to take this one step further. We opened up a private group with a limited amount of spots on Discord and devoted our time to providing value for the members; Killmex Pro started.


Price Action Trader

A well known name in the Crypto environment with a record of consistent profitability for many years. Primarily focused on price action, proficient in marking scenario's and executing them.


Analysing & Precision

Specialized in price action-based concepts, known for his ability to make detailed trading plans with high precision. Has publicly demonstrated his talent not only for reading price but also generating profitable setups. Excels in visual presentation.


Market Strategist & Swing Trader

Seasoned trader who has time after time shown his skin in the game. Extremely skilled in reading the market, in-depth analysis and swing trading. Specialized in high liquidity assets. Has worked with two other trading start-ups prior to Killmex.


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$249/ month



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3 Months


$158/ month



6 Months

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$120/ month



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